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Getting Litecoin With Thodex

After logging into your  Thodex account for Litecoin purchases, you can make transactions via the marketplace page.

Is Thodex Reliable?

Thodex provides the bestservice to Turkish users; Many innovations in this sector in our country have been realized thanks to Thodex.   Thodex continues its operations with its licenses andcertificates and  also provides the best services for its users in security and live support. Thanks to many such features,  Thodex  is a very reliable company.

Buying Litecoin with Thodex

In the purchase and sale tables on the Thodex Market page, users can create orders and make the total purchase amount in quantities. The quantities  section show orders created by any user. The sum of multiple users who have bid at the same unit price may also appear here.

When ordering to purchase Thodex Litecoin

The unit price, quantity and total fields must be filled in. My open orders will remain pending on the page until your purchase orders match a vendor’s sales order.   Ago the orders generated by the users are selected through the buy and sell table, your transactions will take place instantaneously without waiting.

What is Litecoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency based. Also known as Altcoin.  Litecoin is equivalent to silver when we hold the equivalent of  Bitcoin  gold, the most valuable and most popular currency in  the crypto currency world. Litecoin  from Bitcoin  is faster and lighter than Bitcoin. Because of such features, it  prefers many Litecoins.

Thodex Market Order with Take Litecoin

You can also buy Litecoin  via Thodex Market  Order.  After you type the total amount of Turkish Lira you want to buy in the AMOUNT TRY  of the field later from write, you can see approximately the amount of Litecoin you will receive in the total field. After your order is processed, it will take place instantaneously with the top order in the table. This allows you to complete  litecoin purchases with Thodex. With Thodex,  your actions take place both quickly and safely.

Thodex Bitcoin Buy And Sell - Coin Trade
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